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Home Caregiver For Your Elderly Parents

Are your parents in their fragile years? Do you think it would be good for them to have a Home Caregiver? With us, we'll help your parents with these things ✅ Showering/Bed Bath ✅ Feeding ✅ Oral Care ✅ Toileting/Changing Diapers ✅ Shaving ✅ Passive Exercise ✅ Pre heat...

5 Early Signs of Alzheimer

How do you know if your parents might have Alzheimer? Here are the five early signs? Difficulty completing familiar tasks Problems with speaking Changes in mood & personality Confused with time and place Memory loss If your recognize these signs in you or any of your...

5 Reasons Why House-Call Physiotherapy Is For You

Physiotherapy is not a walk in the park. Some patients recover fast, some slow. But what we have discovered is that, by delivering Physiotherapy in our patient's home enviroment - the results are clear. Higher Compliance Less Relapse Better Attendance More Complete...

My Flex Health Group

Operates under the auspices of the Malaysian and Australian Trade Ministries, My Flex Health excels in supplying trained Caregivers, Registered Nurse & Physiotherapist to clients wishing to remain in their home and also providing respite and long term care to the elderly in the community

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