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We are a Western Australian company based in Australia and Malaysia. The company is a privately owned health care service drawing on the Directors’ 20 years of experience in Perth, where the company has grown to be the largest privately owned health care service in Western Australia.

My Flex Health International based in Malaysia operates under the auspices of the Malaysian and Australian Trade Ministries .After extensive research, it has been recognised that the need for such a service exists in Malaysia. The Directors of the company made the decision to transfer skills and expertise into Malaysia, specifically following the Prime Minister’s unveiling of the Economic Transformation Programme of 2012.  In this programme, there were areas of expertise that My Flex Health Group of Australia could offer.

My Flex Health Group’s intention is to set the benchmark of service provision being delivered by this type of service and to establish the Common Community Standards.

The company’s business model is to offer assistance to Malaysia to reach its strategic intent (GNI in the area of healthcare) by 2020.

All areas of the company follows the lead of the Australian parent company which holds Standards (Australia) ISO 9001 2008 certification. Policies and procedures, however, are tailored to meet Malaysian needs. 

Our international team based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, consists of senior people including Chief Executives from Malaysian Hospitals and Senior lecturers from Malaysian Universities and Colleges and clinical staff from various Healthcare related backgrounds, leveraging on their knowledge and experience gained from Australia, United Kingdom and The Middle East for application in our local market.

Our combined clinical, commercial and technical experience particularly helps health providers achieve economically flexible and sustainable outcomes.

For us, a sustainable approach to healthcare means designing solutions that anticipate future needs and support strong long-term development by working in partnership with healthcare providers to deliver world-class care.

Our  team of leading experts are always on hand to provide advice and input to ensure that the high standards necessary in both consultancy services and healthcare related  training programmes are maintained by bringing expertise in organisational behaviour to healthcare workplaces, to generate positive change and improve performance

We offer complete capability in the provision of healthcare planning and management services regionally, covering healthcare projects and healthcare facilities of all sizes and complexity.


We Excel In The Following Activities:-

  1. We Provide Strategic Guidance to hospital leadership to improve the quality care by supplying quality locum clinical staff to health care providers.


  1. We Support Communities by supplying nurses to clients wishing to remain in their home and also providing respite and long term care to the elderly in the community.


  1. Luxury Medical Tourism Holidays for International clients covering Health Screening, Cosmetic, Hospitalization & Surgery.


  1. Customised, Evidence-Based Training - Our team of specialised trainers will offer specific teaching for individual institutions to improve quality and patient safety, reduce medico-legal risk and to develop and maintain a harmonious work-place.


Healthcare Planning and Consultancy Services:

  • Project management and constructive supervision.
  • Specialist healthcare engineering services.
  • Strategic health care planning.

Hospital Commissioning:

  • Recruitment and training of staff.
  • Supervision on handover of buildings and equipment.
  • Development of operational policies, procedures and systems.

Recruitment Services:

  • Total recruitment, selection and training of healthcare personnel.
  • Executive leasing of experienced managers for short-term assignments.

Equipping and Procurement

  • Clinical   equipment and installation.
  • Medical consumables.

Healthcare Management Services:

  • Operation of all medical, nursing, para-medical and ancillary activities.
  • Financial, accounting and billing systems.
  • Estate management.
  • Medical Audit/Quality Assurance.

Specialist Healthcare Services:

  • Supervision of training programmes and training management.
  • Provision of mobile healthcare facilities.
  • Information Technology applications.